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IPRA- Support Staff Manager at South Suburban Special Recreation Association

Posted On: March 20, 2024 - 1:59pm

Title: Support Staff Manager (Part-Time Staff, Volunteers, Supervisor of Outreach Events, Oversee Virtual Programs, PDRMA Safety Cooridinator, and Equipment Room) 


Supervisor: Superintendent



  1. Bachelor&;s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation or related field.
  2.  Three years full-time experience in Therapeutic Recreation or related field.
  3.  Knowledge and ability to plan, organize and maintain creative recreation programs for all ages and disability groups.
  4.  Ability to communicate effectively and demonstrate leadership skills.
  5.  A minimum of two years supervisory experience.
  6.  NCTRC certification preferred.
  7. Pre-employment physical including drug and alcohol test required.



  1.  To recruit, hire, train, supervise, and evaluate part-time staff and volunteers for programs, special events and trips. 
  2.  To develop and maintain ongoing relations with local schools, colleges, universities, and community groups for the recruitment of part-time staff and volunteers.
  3.  To plan and implement the orientation and training of part-time staff and volunteers.
  4.  To keep the Superintendent informed of ongoing needs for training and in-services of part-time staff/volunteers and promote attendance at quarterly in-service programs. 
  5. To coordinate and prepare time sheets and pay rates for all part-time staff and track hours of all volunteers.
  6. To plan and coordinate the content of weekly programs, special events, and trips in area of responsibility.
  7. To lead 3-6 hours of weekly programs and 2-3 special events per program season, and lead 1-2 overnight trips per year.    
  8. To prepare seasonal brochure information and plan for weekly    programs, special events, and trips in area of responsibility.     
  9. To serve as the liaison to two or three member communities and represent SSSRA at outreach events throughout the year. This will consist of contacting, scheduling and attending events with the member district, attending school district activities such as Career Days or Transition Program Parent/Teacher Conferences and/or identify new participants within the member community. 
  10. To prepare and manage program related budget line items. To prepare program budget information for seasonal employees. To assist in evaluating program financial information for agency programs, special events, and trips.
  11. To serve as the PDRMA Safety Coordinator for agency program areas. To oversee all aspects of preparation for PDRMA Loss Control Reviews. Duties include but are not limited to those guidelines outlined by the agency’s risk management program.
  12. To oversee the agencies’ virtual programs.  This entails creating zoom links, planning the program/special event, and sending out zoom links to participants and staff.
  13. Write and prepare routine and special reports.
  14. Provide pertinent program information to the Public Relations Manager for flyers, brochures and social media posts.          
  15. Participate in agency fundraising events and promotion of SSSRA through public relations activities.
  16. To effectively, positively, and professionally communicate with parents, guardians, participants, part-time staff, co-workers, outside agencies, and other professionals.
  17. To assist the Executive Director and Superintendent in analyzing SSSRA’s program and personnel needs.
  18. To be available by cell phone, in accordance with the Association’s Cellular Phone Usage Policy, when you are responsible for a particular program, even if the program occurs outside of your regular business hours.
  19. All other duties deemed necessary by the Superintendent or Executive Director.


Safety Duties:                         

  1.  To promote safety in programs through seasonal Program Supervisors.
  2.  To actively support the safety program by following and enforcing safety guidelines and procedures.
  3.  To practice safety and risk management in daily work.
  4.  To seek out and identify safety hazards and encourage correction and removal.
  5.  Budget, purchase, and monitor first aid expenses and to ensure first aid supplies are readily available and replenished. 
  6.  To ensure the timely completion and filing of Criminal Background Checks.
  7.  To ensure the timely and accurate completion of Incident Reports by seasonal Program Supervisors.
  8.  To promptly report any employee injuries to the Superintendent or Executive Director.
  9.  To promptly and properly report all accidents and incidents occurring within the course of employment, no matter how minor to the Superintendent or Executive Director.
  10. To complete Facility Inspection Checklists when visiting programs.
  11. To review the completion of incident reports with all part-time supervisors, including day camp.
  12. To acquire and file certificates of insurance for the appropriate program facilities.
  13. To coordinate and present safety training and information for part-time staff and volunteers, at each seasonal meeting.
  14. To coordinate ongoing safety training programs for staff. 


Physical Requirements:

SITTING: 15-20 hours/week (desk, meetings, vehicles)

CROUCHING: to lift participants or equipment up to 300 lbs. with assistance of other staff

LIFTING: transfer participant in and out of wheelchairs, lift supplies and equipment up to 50 lbs.

STANDING: at copy machines, meetings, programs 4-6 hours/week

TRANSPORTATION: ability to get to and from work and programs; driving agency vehicles

PARTICIPATION: ability to participate in programs 5-10 hours/week, i.e., sports, bowl, swim and day camp

CARRYING: carry paperwork, brochures, equipment in & out of facilities up to 50lbs.

TURNING & TWISTING: when completing wheelchair tie-downs; interacting with participants

REACHING: reaching for items in storage cabinets, SSSRA vehicles, equipment room


Benefits we offer: 

  • Medical Coverage (PPO or HMO)
  • Dental Coverage
  • Vision Coverage
  • Group Life Insurance
  • IMRF Pension Plan
  • Paid Holidays
  • Vacation Days
  • Sick Days
  • Personal Days
  • Wellness Days
  • Health Club Membership
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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Illinois Park and Recreation Association

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