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2017 Summer Olympic-Style Sports Internship Opportunity

Posted On: March 4, 2016 - 9:12am

The Georgia State Games is one of the largest Amateur Olympic-Style Sports Festivals in the country. We rely HEAVILY on top quality interns to operate many of our sporting Events Projects and Programs. It is a tremendous experience and we have interns that come from across North America each year. To date we have had students attend our internship from 37 States, 9 Foreign Countries and 3 Canadian Providences. We can provide housing!

The interns get a GREAT, HANDS-ON experience. No fetching coffee. Real life planning AND implementation of activities and programs in what they will experience. If you know of quality students that would want to intern in the Atlanta, Georgia area, please encourage them to apply.

Positions usually fill quickly. We are seeking the following positions:

Seeking various majors: Sales, Marketing, Sports Management, Recreation, Public Relations, Communications, Business, Etc!

1) Summer: 18-25 interns positions (heavy event operations & marketing oriented) Housing available!

1.We need the following experiences for the Summer Term:

·Executive Assistant and Administration (2-3 positions)

·Graphic Design (2 positions)

·Photography (1-2 positions)

·Website (1-2 positions)

·Public Relations and Organizational Social media (1-2 positions)

·Sponsorship & Fundraising (2-3 positions)

·Volunteer Soliciting (1 position)

·Event Administration and Implementation (12-18 positions)


2.We HIGHLY encourage students that participate or really like Olympic sports to apply.


3.We are looking for a wide range of students with diverse sporting interests, BUT definitely want a few students with the below sports expertise (club sport athletes are HIGHLY encouraged to apply too) and other areas indicated:

·Track & Field




·Disc Golf



·Mountain Biking

·Running – 5k & 10k’s


To Apply: Submit the following:

1)Georgia Games Application (found on our website: )

a.Submit in the original Microsoft WORD software NOT as a PDF or other program.

2)Sports Questionnaire (found on our website: )

a.Submit in the original Microsoft EXCEL software NOT as a PDF or other program.


4)Cover letter

5)If Graphics/Website/PR/Photography: ALSO submit samples of previous work.



1)Must be organized, team oriented, self starting, aggressive, outgoing and innovative.

2)Must be willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done especially including whatever “dirty” job that may take

3)Must have strong writing skills and knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel and PC (not Apple) computers.


Internship opportunities are offered depending on intern&;s experience & skills, time commitment availability, academic credit ability and semester sought.

Housing is also available for 18 positions. VERY FEW small financial stipends are available to those that have their own housing for the summer.


This internship is NOT for the student that is:

1.Just looking to get credit or “get” by;

2.Be a social butterfly or party for the summer;

3.Socialize with your local friends for the summer;

4.“Just” put in your 40 hours for the week;

5.Looking for a full time paying summer job.



* Priority will be given to those students completing the internship for academic credit and/or for a graduation requirement.

* Priority will be given to students currently enrolled in college.


To Apply: Go to under internships and complete and submit the FOUR items in ONE email as FOUR attachments.


These internship positions will provide someone with substantial experience in nonprofit development and management, event and sport management in addition to gaining valuable office experience working in a non-profit.






Eric Pfeifer

Executive Director

Georgia State Games Commission

PO Box 2043, Kennesaw, GA 30156



Contact Information

Field Site Location

P.O. Box 2043
Kennesaw, Georgia 30156
United States
Google Map
Phone: 770-528-3581
Fax: 770-528-3590




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